Caroline W. Ratemo

LL.B (Hons), (UoN), PGD (KSL);

Prior to establishing Ratemo & Company Advocates, Caroline Ratemo worked at a top tier law firm, Sichangi Partners Advocates and later at Fina Bank (now GT Bank).

From personal experience Caroline understands legal processes and transactions are significant, costly and sometimes stressful. Her aim is to reduce the hassle, time and expense involved by personally supporting her clients every step of the way.


Caroline values flexibility and sacrifices her time to visit her clients or potential clients’ offices where practically possible to know more about her clients or potential clients before giving a quotation of her legal fees. She simply builds lasting relationships with her clients. Understanding her clients enables her to personalize and customize services specifically made for that client.

She understands that standard business hours do not work for everyone and so is the traditional method of billing per hour consequently, Caroline accepts to work or receive your call or appointment even after working hours as well as charge competitive fees based on the volume and the value of business, nature and complexity of a transaction, subject matter and importance, time engaged and client’s specific needs.

Caroline has provided legal advice to a range of clients, including individuals and organisations both in and outside Kenya. She is favoured by her clients for her professional and excellent legal skills in handling complex legal matters, and for being client focused and result oriented.

In addition to executing legal matters, she oversees and manages the Firm and all the lawyers executing transactions in various departments of the Firm.

Over the years, she has enjoyed practising in all areas of law but plans to specialise in Conveyancing and Commercial law down the line. For now, she enjoys being a general practitioner although she employs expert lawyers for the Firm’s practice areas.

You can rely on Caroline to ensure speedy and smooth transaction resulting in best outcome for you. Contact her today to chat for free about your legal needs and circumstances as well as receive an FAQs for your intended transaction or legal process.

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